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(10 Pack) Individually Packaged 9H Tempered Glass Screen Protectors With Oleophobic Coating For iPhone 6 / 6s / 7 / 8 / SE2

Bulk Pack
£14.40 £12.00

(10 Pack) Individually Packaged 9H Tempered Glass Screen Protectors With Oleophobic Coating For iPhone 6 / 6s / 7 / 8 / SE2

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New From Replacebase - bulk box of 10 high quality screen protectors, individually labelled and packaged with screen cleaning kits - ideal for any repair shop to stock up on or a great deal for clumsy people..
£14.40 £12.00

When offered, most customers would buy a screen protector after a repair for £5, this is both a great deal for your customer and a great upsell opportunity to bring in a little more margin on each repair.

We wanted to offer repair shops an economic way to offer a little more for customers, now our great quality, tried and tested screen protectors are available in boxes of 10 and a great price.

Each box has the model number clearly labelled on the spine (for easy storage of different models) and each protector is individually packaged with hook holes and compatibility stickers.

We did our research, our protectors are hands down better than any others at this price point in the market.

Compatible with: iPhone 6 / iPhone 6s / iPhone 7 / iPhone 8 (4.7", not the 5.5" Plus models) / SE2

Key Features:

  • Oleophobic Coating (to give the screen the nice, oily feel on the touch screen)
  • Allows 99.8% of light though, this means that to the naked eye it's impossible to see any drop in brightness or colour quality
  • Bubble free installation, once installed bubbles simple push out
  • Tempered to 9H, enough to resist scratches from most pocketable items (keys / coins etc)
  • Case friendly, this allows any case to fit snug around the protector leaving little to no screen exposed

Each box contains

  • 1 x Master box with a pop out hook for display / storage (with compatibility sticker)
  • 10 x iPhone screen protectors in protective foam and card sleeves that have hook holes for display / storage (Each with compatibility sticker)
  • 10 x clean kits, these include a microfibre cloth, alcohol wipe, dust absorber and screen guides

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labels: Popular, Bulk Pack
Product Type: Screen Protector, Bulk / Multi Packs
Origin: ReplaceBase
Compatible Model: iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone SE (2nd Gen)
Compatible Model Number: A1522 | A1524 | A1593 | A1633 | A1688 | A1691 | A1700 | A1660 | A1779 | A1780 | A1778 | A1863 | A1906 | A1907 | A1905 | A2275 | A2296 | A2298 |
Condition: New
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