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  • The shady business of stealing phones
    The shady business of stealing phones

    Stealing phones. It’s a horrible business but it’s a go-to for organised crime. We were asked to investigate why people would go through all the trouble of stealing phones when you can easily brick them with network locks. It’s far more sinister than you think but it’s not all grim.

    • Replacement parts specialist
      Replacement parts specialists in the UK – A quick look

      Mobile phones are the most popular handheld device on the planet. 1.65 billion Apple devices are active right now and 2.5 billion Android devices. It’s becoming ever more important to keep these devices going longer and for that, you need parts. Where can you get them? Replace Base of course.

    • iPhone Replacement Parts
      How easy is it to get genuine iPhone replacement parts?

      When your iPhone gets damaged it can make you feel out of place, like something isn’t quite right. Wanting only genuine iPhone parts to repair your device is perfectly reasonable. After all, they’re crafted with great quality. The trouble is, are genuine iPhone parts easy to find? Find out here.

    • ReplaceBase
      The interesting journey of an uninteresting component

      Who would’ve thought that a simple charging port could have such an amazing journey? It travels across several countries in a short span of time. From Hong Kong to China, then the US and finally to the UK but the journey doesn’t stop there. This is the story of an incredible unexpected adventure.

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