How to dispose of your old mobile phone battery

Replacing the battery in your mobile phone reminds you how your phone was when you first took delivery, when the battery seemed to last for ages before it needed recharging. There’s only one snag – what to do with the old battery? The days of being free to throw the old one in the bin with all the other rubbish are long gone – even if they are worn out, modern batteries contain harmful and hazardous waste. The first thing to check is whether your old battery has been punctured. If it has, it’s considered at very least to be a potential fire hazard – so, don’t hesitate, call in a professional for safe disposal because it’s just not worth the risk. The same rules apply if the battery is swollen because, in such a damaged state, it can still present an unnecessary safety hazard. And it cannot be recycled in the normal way. Assuming all is well with your old battery, place it in a cool, covered container to avoid any damage prior to disposal. Then seek out your most convenient battery recycling facility – these can often be found in your local supermarket or chemist. Alternatively, some local authorities will collect old batteries with a regular recycling pick-up. Check for details and dispose of all your old batteries responsibly.


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