How to improve your mobile’s battery life

Mobile phones have seen rapid improvements in recent years with new sleek designs, cameras and even faster processors built in as standard. It would seem batteries have been left behind in the race to create the best mobile phone money can buy, with battery life a critical problem for many.

To help ease the struggle of many we have put together a list of our top battery saving tips:

Dim the screen brightness or set auto brightness

  • Your phones display eats into your battery life like you wouldn’t believe, being one of the biggest drains on a mobile phone. Setting your phone to automatically adjust your screen brightness to your surroundings is a safe way of ensuring you aren’t running the screen at full brightness when it doesn’t need to be. Although being a good starting point, the best option is turning your screen’s brightness down to the lowest setting you can tolerate and leaving it there. If you do nothing else, we suggest following this one!

Keep your screen time out short

  • Like we mentioned previously, your phone screen drains your battery at a shocking pace so, an obvious tip is to run your screen for as little time as possible. Setting your screen to time out after 15/30 seconds will mean it isn’t sitting around lit up whilst not being used. Android allows you to go down as low as 15 seconds whilst Apple only to 30 seconds – set at these levels and you should notice a difference! 

Turn off Wi-Fi

  • We always recommend using Wi-Fi when at home or in the office where you will have a stable connection (there’s no point wasting data if you have access to free Wi-Fi!) but when out and about it is recommended that you turn it off. Your phone will constantly be listening for signals even when not in use and this background processing will add to your battery drain problem. It’s the same for 3G and 4G, when at home keep it switched it off.

Turn off Bluetooth

  • Like Wi-Fi or cellular data, Bluetooth will be listening for signals whether your phone is in use or not. Unless you use Bluetooth on a regular basis, there is no point having it on 24/7. 

 Don’t leave apps running in the background

  • This only really applies to Android devices as Apple have previously said shutting down your apps will only drain your battery life further when you need to reload them. 

Go easy on location services

  • Another big battery drain is allowing apps access to your location services. Although convenient it often is not necessary for apps to need access, it becomes another use for GPS and Wi-Fi with no real benefit. 

Avoid vibrate

  • Although useful, turning the volume down and switching to vibrate is not helping your battery life. For your phone to produce a ringtone it must vibrate a small membrane enough to create a sound. For the device to vibrate it needs to move a small weight causing the whole phone to shake. This uses significantly more power than the ringtone. For those who need or prefer silence then switching to Airplane mode is an option. 

Steer clear of push emails

  • Having emails pushed to your phone is another battery drain you can easily avoid. If it is not used for work why do you need to have emails pushed through to your mobile device every 10 minutes? Check as often as you need, downloading as you go. 

Turn off non-essential notifications

  • Another quick and easy battery saver. Notifications will often light up the screen for the duration of your screen time-out – especially unnecessary if you're not looking at it!

Make use of power saving modes

  • If available, make use of power saving modes. Apple iPhones encourage the switch at 20% battery, but you can set it up on a permanent basis. It will reduce notifications, some display and motion settings but have great effects on your battery life. Some HTC and Samsung users reported anything up to 24 hours of emergency use despite the battery being as low as 15% (this was using the Ultra power saving modes). 

Update systems and apps regularly

  • As mentioned in a previous blog, keeping your apps up to date is a decent way of reducing their effects on your battery. Developers will often add new power saving updates to the latest version releases!

 Avoid too many games

  • Games for mobiles have become more sophisticated in the last few years with incredible (battery draining) graphics and modes that improve the user experience of the game but not the life of your battery! These high impact apps are heavy processor users, taking their toll on your phone. Stick to 2 or 3 that you use regularly and ditch the rest. 


  • Calibration is where you let your battery run down to 0% and then charge undisturbed to 100. It is recommended that you do this once a month, allowing the device to estimate its battery life more accurately. Although it’s not a battery life saver it’s a great rule to follow. 

No one can be expected to follow all these tips but picking a selection that suit you and your phone usage should see a boost to your mobile battery life. 


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