Looking after your mobile phone

Whether you have treated yourself to a new mobile phone and want to keep it looking like new or fancy maintaining the value of your current mobile before an upgrade we have some great tips to keep it in top condition.

  1. Keep it Covered
    • First things first buy a case and good quality screen protector. Phone and screen protectors are the best way to prevent damage from knocks and scratches and preserve the value of your device through good appearance. Using a sturdier case may also protect it from internal damage should the worst happen, and you drop it.
  2. Keep it Charged
    • Our second tip is to regularly recharge your battery. Some batteries last longer than others and it often depends on usage - the more the device is used the quicker the battery will run out and vice versa. To preserve your batteries long term life, we recommend keeping it charged between 40% and 80%. Adjust the frequency of recharging in accordance to usage.
  3. Keep It Safe
    • Tip number three, keep it somewhere safe when not in use. When sitting idle your phone should be left somewhere safe where it can’t be knocked onto the floor or trodden on. Your desk is ideal and near a charging point is even better! It might seem sensible to leave it in a bag out of the way, but this is not the case. Unless turned off we do not recommend you leave your phone in a bag or other closed container for prolonged periods of time as it can shorten battery life. Do not charge your phone in a closed container either, this is a fire hazard.
  4. Keep it Dry
    • So, number four is an obvious one – do not get your phone wet. Avoid using your phone in the rain, whilst eating or drinking or near open water. Water and other liquids can cause all kind of expensive damage and often irreparable damage.
  5. Keep it Cool
    • Avoid extreme temperatures. Cold conditions can cause damage to phone screens and batteries and cause condensation to form inside the device potentially short circuiting the system. Whilst, hot temperatures and extreme sunlight can cause batteries to overheat especially with continuous use in hot conditions, it can result in a dead phone and unsalvageable battery.
  6. Keep it Clean
    • Our sixth tip is to keep your phone clean. Clean the outside of your phone regularly with a soft cloth or alcohol wipes to avoid dirt getting inside or scratching. DO NOT use water, baby wipes, tissue paper or other cleaners – these may inadvertently add water to your phone or increase the risk of internal and external damage as well as scratches.
  7. Keep it Updated
    • The final tip for looking after your mobile is to streamline and update Apps regularly. The best way to start is to disable or uninstall apps you don’t need or use. They take up space and often use battery capacity whilst sitting dormant on your phone. For apps that you do use, make sure you have the latest version installed. Developers will update apps regularly, often cutting down on battery usage and guard against malware, bugs and security threats reducing their affect on your phone.

Follow these top tips and all being well your phone will last the test of time.


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