For Apple iPhone 7 / 8 & 7 / 8 Plus JC Home Button Restore Mod Cable Flex Kit - Black

Restore the home button function of your iPhone!
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Restore the home button function of your iPhone!

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OK, so all in the industry will already know this but changing the home button on and Touch ID enabled Apple device prevents Touch ID from working, this is because the button that your iDevice shipped with is paired to your iDevice, currently only Apple can programme a new button to an iDevice.

With the introduction of haptic feedback from the iPhone 7 onward replacing the button now renders your iDevices home button completely useless, this is because Apple removed all moving parts (including the physical internal button) and reply purple on the Touch ID and digital interface.

At least we have some good news!

JC, the Chinese iPhone board level experts have been working hard to find a work around, after a few months of trial and error we now have a great modification for the iPhone 7 and 8 (including Plus variants), this brings back the home button function (although not touch ID) but at least you can use the home button again!

What is it?

The main component is just like your original home button, its a like for like replacement.

When used in conjunction with the small PCB that quickly and easily adheres to the phones motherboard (with glue, no soldering needed) it tricks the phone into thinking that its a Bluetooth device and restores home button function (Return to home) just like your original button.  


Easy.. the home button is just the same as your old one, it just pops out of the LCD when the bracket is removed.

Other then the home button you need to place a special sticker on the phones motherboard near the battery connection, dont worry, it doesn't need soldering and can be removed at any time. 

How is this version different to others?

We also stock the other method, this involved changing the charging port, although both versions of the "Fix" work the same using this version from JC doesn't restrict the use of headphones on the lightning port. 

Any limitations?

Yes, although the button function will be restores to its former glory (including Siri and double tap) the Touch ID still wont function, using other versions of this mod can prevent the lightning port from allowing playback on headphones but this version wont stop you listening to your music.

This flex does however require that Bluetooth is turned on. for it to work meaning that it may not function correctly when the phone is in Airport mode. 

Colour:  Black / Space Grey

Compatible with: Apple iPhone 7 / 7 Plus / 8 / 8 Plus 

In the box:

Home button flex 

PCB sticker and foam padding (for iPhone 7 / 7 Plus / 8 and 8 Plus)



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Colour Black
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