For Apple iPhone 8 Plus | Replacement Sapphire Main Camera Glass Lens

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For Apple iPhone 8 Plus | Replacement Sapphire Main Camera Glass Lens

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Camera lens replacement for the iPhone 8 Plus
£2.70 £2.25

iPhone 8 Plus camera lens replacement, easiest to fit by popping the old one out from the inside of the case or removing the cracked shards of your old lens externally.

Part: iPhone 8 Plus camera lens (Sapphire glass)

This product comes with our Replacebase Unlimited Lifetime Warranty (Terms apply)

Condition: New

Compatibility: Apple iPhone 8 Plus

Please note, this product doesn't come with adhesive, we wouldn't recommend superglue as this leaves a white residue - we would recommend some B7000 contact adhesive or similar (available form our store)

Product Type: Camera / Lens / Flash Part
Origin: BAQ
Brand: BAQ
Compatible Brand: Apple
Compatible Model: iPhone 8 Plus
Compatible Model Number: A1864 | A1898 | A1899 | A1897 |
Compatible Device Type: Phone
Condition: New
Manufacturers Part No: RBSKU5882
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This part is Best Available Quality (BAQ)

In the ever changing landscape of the industry its hard to identify and highlight each individual part origin so we developed BAQ – Best Available Quality.

We have a dedicated team of sources based in the UK and Asia who invest a great deal of time and effort to locate the best quality parts as close to genuine as possible. Where multiple qualities of any product are available, we will always select the best, aiming for the tried and tested part that has the same specification as the original component. Any part we sell as BAQ will be the best new part we can source, only being matched by “Authorised”, Service Pack and Original items.

Any BAQ battery supplied will be backed up with CE test certificates, any part that would have ordinarily had a logo (like Samsung battery covers or Sony screens) will be supplied without the logos to ensure that trademarks are respected and complied with.

Rest assured, any BAQ parts ordered from ReplaceBase will be backed up with the best aftersales service and, in most cases, our industry leading Unlimited Lifetime Warranty.

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