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Huawei Nexus 6P Replacement Battery Hb416683Ecw 3450Mah

Huawei Nexus 6P Replacement Battery Hb416683Ecw 3450Mah

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  • Huawei Nexus 6P Replacement Battery Hb416683Ecw 3450Mah

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For Huawei Nexus 6p - Replacement Battery HB416683ECW 3450mAh - OEM

OEM Huawei Nexus 6p replacement battery

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  • Product Code: RBSKU4747
  • £12.58 (Ex. VAT)
  • £15.10 (Incl. VAT)
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OEM Huawei 6p replacement battery

Manufacturer: OEM

Battery Model: HB376883ECW

Voltage: 4.4V

Capacity: 3450mAh(rated) 3550mAh (typical)

Chemistry: Li-ion

Condition: New

Warranty: 90 days

Compatibility: Huawei 6P

HAZARDOUS GOODS: Li-ion batteries are classed as hazardous items and cant be shipped using many postal services such as Royal Mail. We ship all batteries using an express fully tracked specialist company.

Parts Origin - OEM

The term OEM stands for 'Original Equipment Manufacturer', the exact meaning differs in several industries.

To us, OEM means that the part is the same part used within your device, using the same materials and specifications.

We use the term OEM to cover many parts from refurbished, used and new components, the exact condition will be stated in the items description.

In some cases when the part supplied is made up to several components (for example an LCD assembly) the part may have been assembled by a 3rd party vendor using OEM parts meaning that consumable may differ (such as adhesive used)

Although strict testing procedures are put in place to ensure the quality of the part these testing practices and procedures may differ from the checks manufacturers use.

Any hardware supplied as OEM will not have any quality loss or loss of features and covered under our extensive returns policy.

As in many cases we dont obtain directly from the devices manufacturer, nor in some cases are we affiliated with device manufacturer in any way and they are not involved in the testing or sales process of the component we sell. 

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6 Review(s)

Matthew Posted on 15/01/2019

Shame it didn't come with original packaging, and instead got opened and stickered up with replace base stickers. That being said though, battery was easy to install and is now giving my 6p a new lease of life. Hope it lasts another 2 years and I might get a new phone then lol.

Rich L Posted on 31/03/2018

so far the battery is performing well - monitoring app is reporting that it's holding nearer the "typical capacity", which is good! Connecting cable wasn't quite the same as the original though, and I had to gently move it so that the case would go back without crushing it, but otherwise all was good.

Calum Kelly Posted on 25/03/2018

Early shut off issue still persists in 6p, unable to determine whether the battery or the device is to blame likely both, NOT AN ISUE WITH REPLACE BASE but one rather with Huawei. save your money buy a samsung...

Fabio Posted on 19/02/2018

Battery works as well as the original used to when the phone was new. Highly recommend for any Nexus 6p owner with battery issues. I regret I didn't buy it earlier. The price of the battery with a replacement back cover is very reasonable to basically make your phone feel like factory new, and I might want to do it again in 6 months to one year, if eventually I see some degradation of the battery performance.

JB Posted on 14/02/2018

Looks like an exact match for the original battery, though manufactured by a different Chinese electronics company. I have a very early 6P so its possible that Huawei changed there supplier at some point in the last couple of years. Fits in snuggly and seems to be holding its charge well. As Darren point out in the other review, be very careful when removing the battery as you need to separate the adhesive and the old battery and it is very easy to nip the screen cable. I've repaired well over 50 phones, possibly near 100, and I went in a bit gung ho and managed to end up costing myself a new screen. My own stupid fault of course, and if I'd spent 10 minutes researching I would have found lots of people warning about this. All in all, a good battery that can breathe some new life into your phone.

Darren Posted on 13/09/2017

So ignoring the fact that replacebase sent me the wrong battery to start with! I find this battery to be an excellent replacement. I find this battery to be identical to the original battery's day 1 performance in that i can get a full days usage out of this phone again now. 1. The battery has the correct dimensions (which is not true of various ebay nexus 6p batteries which are just Huawei P9 battery re-skinned and are a bit shorter! this means its fits with no wiggle in the battery compartment. 2. the temperature sensor is fully functional (though it sometimes gives crazy values like -1C!?) . fake ebay batteries will always report ~25C even if the battery is dangerously overheating. 3. I've run the battery through 20 charge cycles of varying degrees (empty to full and partial charges) whilst monitoring this battery with the AccuBattery app. the app shows the battery health at 103% of spec - i.e. this battery is performing with an approximate value of 3,540mAh (which is above spec of 3,450mAh). you should also note that taking apart the nexus 6p (certainly the early build models) is hard without damaging the camera glass/bottom cover/case aluminium, so you should probably but this battery in conjunction with a replacement rear housing + covers (or aim to break the covers+glass which are cheap to get and not damage the case). be very careful removing the battery as there is a ribbon cable under the battery running down the middle of it which if you break it means you're going to be shopping for a new screen (the adhesive is used is 2 strips of double sided tape on each side of the battery - there is no adhesive in the middle 3rd).

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Hi, Is the Huawei Nexus 6p - Replacement Battery HB416683ECW suitable for fast charging with the original charger. Tony

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