Battery For iPhone 4 - 1420mAh - OEM

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Battery For iPhone 4 - 1420mAh - OEM

This Apple iPhone 4 replacement battery is ideal if your phone is no longer holding charge like it used to. Signs of a faulty battery could be excessively hot to the touch apparatus, or battery that drains quickly if making a call or using the camera function. This li-on battery is 3.7V, and has 1420mAh.
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Part: Apple iPhone 4 replacement battery

Manufacturer: OEM

Manufacturer part number (APN): 616-0520

Vender part number (VPN): GB-S10-423482-0100

Voltage: 3.7V

Capacity: 1420mAh

Chemistry: Li-ion

Condition: New

Warranty: 90 days

Package: Apple iPhone 4 internal battery

Compatibility: Apple iPhone 4 / 4G


Apple battery

Short circuit protection

Overcharge protection

Quick and easy install

Should I replace the battery?

Modern Li-ion batteries have an average life of 12 months before the start declining in performance but can decline if performance much faster if not treated correctly.

Before purchasing a replacement check that no other factors are causing the batteries decline such as:

  • Moving to a low signal area
  • Running background applications
  • Having 3G, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth enabled when not required

How to get the most out of your new battery

  • Try and give your battery a full charge / discharge as often as possible, run the battery all the way down and fully charge - this will help condition the battery
  • Avoid partial charges
  • Avoid constant trickle charges (such as USB charging)

Please be aware that all new batteries need an initial couple of full charge cycles (Full charge / discharge) before reaching maximum performance

labels: OEM
Origin: OEM
Product Type: Battery
Compatible Model: iPhone 4
Condition: New
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