Kontakt Chemie | Dust Off 67 | 200ml

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Kontakt Chemie | Dust Off 67 | 200ml

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Kontact Chemie

Freeze 75: dry coolant spray, 200ml.

£24.20 £20.17

Part: Kontakt Chemie Dust Off 67 200ml

Non-Flammable duster for general purpose

A high pressure, inert, liquefied gas that removes dust and loose debris. It prevents electronic component errors, downtime and damage caused by microscopic dust. Formulated for low-long term environmental impact. The DUST OFF 67 has a reduced Global Warming Potential (GWP) value to 7


  • Non-flammable according to directive 2008/47/EC. High security in application
  • Low Global Warming Potential (GWP = 7). No ozone depletion potential. Minimizes the long-term environmental impact
  • Moisture and oil-free. Will not leave residues like compressed air cleaning
  • Harmless to all common materials in electronics
  • Equipped with an extension tube for an accurate cleaning procedure
  • The balanced spray system delivers e medium spray-rate / -pressure. Economic and harmless to sensitive components


  • Applicable even on sensitive components like optics or precision instruments
  • Cleaning of laboratory, communication or data processing equipment
  • Essential for all cleaning operations, where liquid solvents are inappropriate
  • Prevents electronic component errors, downtime and damage caused by microscopic dust

Dimension: 170x50x45mm

Part Number: KC-06357

Warranty: Replacebase Unlimited Lifetime Warranty (Terms apply)


Product Type: Cleaning
Origin: Partner
Brand: Kontakt Chemie
Compatible Brand: Various
Compatible Model: Various
Compatible Device Type: Various
Condition: New
Manufacturers Part No: KC-06357
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