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Oneplus One Replacement Internal Battery 3100Mah Da-P571

Oneplus One Replacement Internal Battery 3100Mah Da-P571

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  • Oneplus One Replacement Internal Battery 3100Mah Da-P571

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For OnePlus One - Replacement Internal Battery 3100mAh DA - P571 - OEM

OEM battery for the OnePlus One.

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  • Product Code: RBSKU3499
  • £10.25 (Ex. VAT)
  • £12.30 (Incl. VAT)
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Part: OnePlus One replacement battery

Manufacturer: OEM

Part Number: DA-P571

Specification: 3100mAh / 4.35V / 11.4Wh

Condition: New

Warranty: 6 Months

Compatibility: OnePlus One

Parts Origin - OEM

The term OEM stands for 'Original Equipment Manufacturer', the exact meaning differs in several industries.

To us, OEM means that the part is the same part used within your device, using the same materials and specifications.

We use the term OEM to cover many parts from refurbished, used and new components, the exact condition will be stated in the items description.

In some cases when the part supplied is made up to several components (for example an LCD assembly) the part may have been assembled by a 3rd party vendor using OEM parts meaning that consumable may differ (such as adhesive used)

Although strict testing procedures are put in place to ensure the quality of the part these testing practices and procedures may differ from the checks manufacturers use.

Any hardware supplied as OEM will not have any quality loss or loss of features and covered under our extensive returns policy.

As in many cases we dont obtain directly from the devices manufacturer, nor in some cases are we affiliated with device manufacturer in any way and they are not involved in the testing or sales process of the component we sell. 

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11 Review(s)

Alex Posted on 10/01/2019

Battery showing 105% in AccuBattery at 3244 mah after a full cycle. connector was not perfectly aligned but not a real problem to mount it in the OPO1. weight is around 52 Grams.

Matteo Posted on 06/01/2019

This new battery works very well! My OnePlus One feels brand new! P.S: I had some problems inserting the new battery connector, but at the end I managed to secure it. Inserting the old battery connector was fast and easy while the new one took me 5-10 minutes. Overall I'm very happy and I would recommend the purchase.

Syaani Posted on 15/12/2018

This battery lasts very long and seems to be high quality. Battery capacity is same as original or a little bit more. I am very satisfied.

Messatsu Posted on 30/11/2018

Best alternative to the Oneplus One original battery, thanks!

Jason Posted on 23/10/2018

The first unit was dead on arrival, looked like a bad connection in the battery. ReplaceBase were really helpful and replaced this for no charge with a second unit which did work. Unfortunately I'm not convinced it has the advertised 3100mAh capacity as it seems to last around the same charge time as my previous 3 year old battery, which admittedly was still around a day of moderate usage. The date printed on the battery is July 2018 so they were made recently.

yts Posted on 10/09/2018

Bought this Oneplus One battery, thinking it was not an original battery but it was. The production date is from 2018 so it is real new and not from an old stock. Works perfectly, very satisfied my "vintage" Oneplus One is now back to life.

Tony Posted on 17/07/2018

While an entirely preferable alternative to the original battery, which had in my case begun to degredate and physically expand at an alarming rate, it should be noted that it went from about 50 hours on the first charge, to about 24 hours on the sixth charge. As such, I cannot speak to the durability of the battery overall.

Caroline Posted on 09/07/2018

I ordered from this company after recommendations on to the OnePlus One forum and was very pleased with the very speedy delivery. Filled with trepidation I took my phone apart, following the instructions on YouTube,...... Panicked when the ribbon didn't quite line up but fiddled with the packaging round the battery and the problem soon resolved itself. The battery came partially charged so I knew immediately that I hadn't made a mistake and once safely reassembled and recharged I was thrilled that full service of 10hours+ has been achieved as opposed to the miserable 2 hours that the original battery had dwindled to. Couldn't be more pleased. Back to its former glory

Caroline Posted on 09/07/2018

Went onto the community forum and this supplier was recommended. Very quick delivery and excellent communication. Filled with trepidation I took my phone apart following the YouTube video. Panicked when the ribbon didn't line up but a little wiggling within the packaging of the battery soon sorted that and all fitted together like a dream. Fantastic results, battery partially charged so I knew we were in business straightaway and that I hadn't made a mistake. Charged up as expected and before long full service...10 hours+ resumed instead of the dwindling 2 hour life span the old battery had slumped to. Couldn't be more pleased Highly Recommended

keith Posted on 19/06/2018

battery is very slightly smaller than the original but fitted ok and is working well my phone was only lasting about 8 hours but with the new battery and a factory reset it is now lasting around 48 hours good product and service

Jannah Posted on 16/06/2018

I was directed to this site as a good option to replace my OnePlus One battery. Order arrived on day expected. The item is NOT an OEM battery however works excellently so far since it's been installed. The red cover on the batter matches the original battery dimensions but it is actually slightly smaller in width and length. There for the ribbon was out of place for attachment to backboard but thus was fixed by slightly opening the red packaging with no damage to the battery itself. Very easy installated once figured out and was at 65 percent. Checked with the AIDA64 app it shows that it is a true 3100mAh capacity. And it has been lasting very well. My phone is like new. Will update within a month again.

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i would like to know that what is the difference between one plus one batteries

does it come with any tools to remove the existing battery?


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