Sourcing great quality parts and offering best in class service is just what we do here at ReplaceBase, but we wanted to recognise our partners a being a huge part of our continued growth. Over the years we have formed strong partnerships with dozens of leading brands in the industry, some we solely distribute for, others we are just proud to work with. All of our partners we choose to work with and who choose to work with us share our mindset on industry progression, innovation and ethics. If you have a little time please read about our partners below.

It's a no-brainer that Hakko knows the industry. Established in 1952, Hakko is the world leader in their field with an excellent product range and the best quality products we’ve ever seen. With a market full of counterfeits, it's best to purchase Hakko from authorised resellers such as ourselves.

Parco Scientific is a leading trusted supplier of scientific products throughout the United States and has served the educational, medical and industrial sectors for over 30 years. Owned and operated by veterans in the scientific equipment industry, Parco has accumulated a vast network of connections and clients globally and Parco attributes its success to its numerous distributors.

We’re currently the UK's distributor for Parco Microscopes and accessories designed to assist with electronic repair.

The most advanced device protection on the market - Durable armour for your device

Perfect for all devices, ProtectionPro offers touchscreen protection that won't hinder screen responsiveness.

ProtectionPro features patented impact protection that is smooth to the touch, like glass. Enjoy excellent touch sensitivity and screen clarity while protecting your device from scratches.

Primo is the world's first desktop, digital, on-demand screen polishing system. This patent-pending technology brings new services to repair stores and new life to damaged devices. With the Primo Polishing System™ any mobile phone repair shop or refurbishment depot can repair scratched glass like a pro with our patent-pending polishing technology.

We’re excited to be partnering with Red Wolf on this innovative new technology which is already taking the industry by storm.

"We create adhesive solutions that improve the work, products and lives of our customers." – Mission statement.

Tesa is a leader in the industry. We’re proud to be the authorised distributor and reseller of Tesa products, from tapes to primers – innovative adhesive solutions enabling the future of consumer electronics.

When someone says, "Talk dirty to me," they probably don't mean to use a phone that's crawling with bacteria. The PhoneSoap 3 is the first and only cell phone charger that cleans and sanitizes your phone while it charges. It runs a ten-minute sanitizing cycle using UV-C light to obliterate 99.9% of germs from the shockingly filthy surface of that little device you keep pressed against your face every day.

We’re the official reseller of PhoneSoap products in the UK, joining the fight to keep your tech clean.

We’ve working with Huarigor for many years. Huarigor is a top OEM in China, responsible for hundreds of well-known white-label battery replacements globally.

We appreciate high-quality manufacturing and safety standards and proud to help Huarigor receive the recognition it deserves.

Mechanic is fast becoming the experts in advanced soldering, soldering consumables and testing equipment, recognised in the industry for quality and dependability. We offer the most extensive range of Mechanic products in Europe.

Industry leaders know too well that when you do something right, your efforts are replicated by others. The market is saturated with counterfeit Amtech products. We work directly with Amtech in the US and are the UK's official reseller, offering genuine Amtech products.

We work directly with QianLi to bring you great programming tools and innovative hand tools and equipment. Manufacturers of high-end, precision-engineered equipment, QianLi, are market leaders for repair tools.

We supply and support the JC range. From industry-leading programming tools to innovative repair solutions, JC has become a popular name in the industry. Founded in 2013 by a group of smartphone-repair enthusiasts – senior software, hardware and mechanical engineers – JC is devoted to developing smart devices for phone repair.

We work directly with Nasan to offer great tools and equipment for the industry. A relatively new company to the industry, Nasan quickly becomes well-recognised as a great vendor of quality products. Nasan has researched and developed small mobile-phone-repair machines for the past ten years. The company is committed to producing higher quality, more secure, and more intelligent equipment.

We work directly with 2UUL to provide well-recognised and innovative tools. 2UUL have developed their tools with phone-repair technicians in mind. 2UUL can always be counted on for great quality products from drivers to extraction units.

M-Triangel is one of the most innovative companies we have seen. The first company to commercialise laser machines, M-Triangel is dedicated to a tech repair and iPhone glass replacement and offers so much more.

From laser etching, screen adhesive separation and all-in-1 screen lamination and refurbishment machines, MT is our number 1 partner for all things refurbishment.

RepairPro have taken the highest quality tech available in the industry and turned it up to 11. They produce parts at incredibly high standards of workmanship and usually come with a range of QOL improvements for all tech repairers.

RepairPro supplies the best quality parts for seasoned professional repairers and those new to the repair industry.

We are proud to become official partners with Compare Your Repair, helping our customer base of repair shops join a growing network of independent repair shops looking to increase visibility and showcase their quality services. Compare Your Repair is currently free to join and comes with many benefits.

Established in 2013, Zhanlida manufactures adhesive glue designed for mobile repair. Zhanlida adhesive products have won positive international praise. We’re the official reseller of Zhanlida and offer a full range of products and support.

The creator of the iSesamo – need we say more? DottorPodX works around the clock to create repair shop must-haves. iSesamo should be in every tech's tools box (if it isn't already). Forget cheap imitations that may look the part; DottorPodX's offering will outlast and outperform any replica.

New to the accessories game, we expect great things from NEXi, offering our customers premium, quality accessories with the actual value and excellent presentation. Keep an eye on our website for NEXi's latest offerings.

Established in 2009, JOYROOM is a top-end brand producing global consumer electronic merchandise, including mobile phones, electronic and creative household products. JOYROOM's core mission is to use high-quality resources to create premium products and provide excellent service for customers, consumers and partners.

As one of the most substantial wholesale mobile parts suppliers for iPhone parts in China, iTruColor has been in the mobile-parts aftermarket industry for nearly ten years. iTruColor understands that quality is key to customer satisfaction and how important it is to provide the highest quality iPhone LCD Screens at the lowest prices possible.

We are the recognised online official reseller in the UK, supplying thousands of iTruColor screen repair shops and consumers every week. iTruColor has become the number 1 screen for countless repair shops with great value and have built an excellent reputation in the industry.

MOMAX (the name is derived from the words "Mobile" and "Max") strive to be a leading, brilliant brand of mobile equipment. Combining high-end technology and materials with fashion and style, MOMAX brings you award-winning accessories for the latest devices. MOMAX infuses every product with intelligence and vitality, assured with world-recognised product certification.

The new standard in aftermarket screens, FX5, has taken the premium aftermarket screen top spot, offering consistent and quality vivid screens. FX5 is a favourite with repair shops because of its low failure rate and high customer satisfaction. We’re the official UK distributor of FX5 products and industry-leading warranties.

A new player in the game for premium tools, GRIP combines quality with style. Designed by techs for techs. The drivers not only look amazing and work perfectly but they also last!

Only available in the UK from ReplaceBase and ReplaceBase resellers.

XCAP provides batteries that excel in capacity and performance above and beyond manufacturer specifications when a standard isn't good enough. With next-to-non actual defect rates and impressive specifications, the XCAP range is the top pick for iPhone battery replacement. Only available in the UK from us and our resellers.

We are proud to stock BEST Tool repair equipment and accessories. With superior quality and excellent design – from conducting wire to solder balls – BEST Tool products are needed for every repair kit.