Reviveaphone The Soluition

Reviveaphone The Soluition

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Reviveaphone The Soluition - Water Damaged Phone Repair Recovery Kit

Give your phone the best change of water damage recovery!

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Reviveaphone is the leading solution for water damaged phones
Whether you have accidentally dropped it down the toilet or have been pushed in the pool with your phone still in your pocket.

The Reviveaphone solution cleans the phone of all the impurities that have attached to the motherboard.

The solution works on all types of models such as iPhones, Samsungs or any other smartphones. Simply follow the steps within the video to bring your device back to working order within 24hrs.

So what happens when your iPhone gets damaged with liquid?...

Well we all know the two don't really mix and your device will need treating before you begin to use it again. When water gets into your smartphone is causes corrosion & oxidation. Many different things can occur to your device when water enters the frame. Resistance begins to drop, components break down and the solder joints will suffer as the corrosion spreads.

The corrosion causes cracks and pits where the current of electricity used to flow freely. Once these form it can then cause the device to short out and effectively destroy the motherboard.


    Its not the water that damages the phones its the minerals


    No need to send your phone away, fix it in your own home


How it works:

Step 1

Power down your phone immediately and do not plug it in to charge.

Step 2

Carefully pour the Reviveaphone solution in to the provided pouch.

Step 3

Place your phone and battery inside the Reviveaphone pouch and leave for 7 minutes.

Step 4

Remove the phone from the solution and place in to the supplied tray. Leave for 24 hours.

Step 5

Once the 24 hours are up turn the phone on. It should be fully restored.

Step 6

If the phone still does not turn on, please leave for a further 24 hours.


Whats included:

  • Reviveaphone solution (Bottle)
  • Instructions
  • Reviveaphone tray
  • Reviveaphone bag (bag supplied is suitable for any device upto 4.7", for any later device you will need to use a suitable bag such as a saleable sandwich bag)

Frequent asked questions:

Q: How quickly do I have to use Reviveaphone

A: You should use the solution within 1 month of breaking your phone with water

Q: Is Reviveaphone reusable

A: Yes, the Reviveaphone solution is reusable but it will be less effective after each use, so it is best to buy a new kit

Q: Money Back Guarantee?

A: If the kit doesn't manage to repair your phone, Reviveaphone offer a full money back guarantee. All you need to do is fill out the form on Reviveaphones T's & C's page.

Q: What if I dropped my device in salt water, orange juice or beer?

A: Reviveaphone will still remove all impurities from the components of your phone.

Q: Can you guarantee Reviveaphone will work on my device?

A: Unfortunately we cannot guarantee the kit will fix your phone due to the different circumstances of water damage, but we do have a 90% success rate.

Q: Will Reviveaphone still work if I have turned my phone on?

A: It's best to keep the device turned off to maximise the chances of repairing your device. Turning it on is likely to reduce those chances but it is still worth purchasing our Reviveaphone Kit as we ourselves have seen and many of our customers are reporting successful results in these circumstances.

Q: Will Reviveaphone still work if I have plugged my phone in to charge?

A: It's best to keep the device unplugged to maximise the chances of repairing your device. Plugging it in to charge is likely to reduce those chances but it is still worth purchasing our Reviveaphone Kit as we ourselves have seen and many of our customers are reporting successful results in these circumstances.

Q: My phone is partially working, should I use the kit?

A: We would not advise using Reviveaphone on a partially working phone. The risk of using the solution on a semi-functioning phone is that the mineral's attached to the phone can be displaced and reattach themselves to more crucial parts on the phone such as the CPU or power supply. Potentially not allowing the phone to power up anymore.

Will it definalty work for me?

Several things can hamper the chances of success, Revivaphone offer a short questionare that will give you an idea of success rate based on your answers, this is located here:

Wha if it doest work?

We dont guarantee this will work for all devices, water damage is never the same for every device, the repair kit is the best change to rescuing your device and for less the £15 its defiantly worth a try.

Reviveaphone do offer a money back guarantee, this is with Reviveaphone directly, the Replace Base Ltd do no offer a guarantee with this product

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