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ProtectionPro Omni Film | Screen And Device Protection System | Small | 25 Pack

Bulk Pack

ProtectionPro Omni Film | Screen And Device Protection System | Small | 25 Pack

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ProtectionPro is a high-performance screen and device protection system for all types of devices—from legacy to the newest releases. ReplaceBase the UKs official ProtectionPro distributor for the best pre and after sales support available.

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ProtectionPro fuses innovative design with proven technologies to create dynamic custom protection for any device. Offering more than 40 different colours and textures along with our customisable film lines, ProtectionPro provides endless possibilties for any device.

The Omni is a transparent protection film that’s resistant to scratches, chemical stains and discoloration. The film is easily cut by the ProtectionPro system and offers easy installation, with the ability to conform around edges and curves of your device.

With easy installation, global support, and powered by technology, you’ll have the largest offering of cut-on-demand designs in the market. There are great repair margins to be had with ProtectionPro and opportunities to increase your repair revenue.

The small film retails at £14.95 which gives you over 70% margin.

Other film solutions on the market are supplied from China. These solutions are riddled with problems, they're prone to discolouring, marks and scratches are easily made, a visible line is usually left in the centre once applied (this is due to the method in which it is produced), they aren't as transaprent and in most cases, they lack basic safety information to ensure compliance (the chemicals used may not be safe).

Contact one of our trade team to find how effective ProtectionPro can be to increasing your screen repair revenue.


Part: Small Omni Film For ProtectionPro

Quantity: 25

Condition: New

Colour: Clear


  • 200*120*20mm (length*width*depth)
  • Weight: 0.5KG

Made in the USA

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