We have some great systems in place to forecast stock usage here at Replacebase, we usually carry over 6 weeks of stock for all SKUs we hold and buffer this stock to 12 weeks over Chinese New Year, we are known for our high rate of availability and usually operate at 99% stock availability throughout the year. 

Despite the unforeseen and worsening situation with the spread of Coronavirus or Covid-19 in China and Hong Kong, we have managed to mitigate against potentially unprecedented delays. 

We want to ensure our customers are up to date with the situation to help our customers plan for the coming weeks. We still currently have a very strong stock file with over 93% of our SKUs in stock and ready to ship, but there is potential for the situation to worsen.

We currently have over 1200 lines confirmed this week! ETAs on products applicable. For anything that doesnt have an ETA we are working hard to source these. 

For a list of all confirmed stock this week please download the latest file: HERE

Please keep checking here for updates, we will update as we hear news.


REPLACEBASE STATUS - How we are looking.
  • Currently at 90.1% availability across our stock file in our warehouse.
  • Currently at 97.9% availability across our stock file including secured stock expected within 10 days.
  • We have updated our website with stock traffic lights on the catergory page to make it easier to identify IN / OUT / CONFIRMED BACK ORDER items. 
  • We are seeing price increases of between 8% and 15% for most stock, we are trying to limit our price increases and drop prices on core stock with higher margin to compensate for any increase in prices. 

  • For any out of stock items we do recommend placing back orders to secure stock as it becomes available.

  • We have over 1000 SKU lines confirmed, including FX5 screens.
  • For a list of all confrimed stock this week please download the latest file: HERE


CHINESE MARKETS - The market places across China and Hong Kong are an invaluable source of many rare and hard to find components as well as many consumables. 
Original open dates for the markets were scheduled for February 4th, this was delayed until February 10th then again until February 18th - We had confirmed that these are set to open on the 6th March however it has now been confirmed to be the 6th April.  


FACTORIES - This covers most of our branded stock, batteries, screens and stock from 3rd parties such as FX5 screen, JC equipment, BEST tool and M-Triangel.

Factories were scheduled to open on February 4th however by order of the Chinese government this was delayed until February 10th, the dates factories can open is governed by the local provinces, some opened on the 17th and others have no confirmed open date or have had to dealy due to labor shortages. 

Once the factories are open, we are expecting limited supply due to shortage of labour due to movement restrictions.


SHIPPING - Status on our express shipping to get the stock to one of our warehouses in the UK or Hong Kong.

CHINA - Express delivery companies are currently partially open; we are currently awaiting news. 

HONG KONG - Shipping is currently operating well, we are seeing minimal shipping dealys from HK 



We are working hard to keep stock as stable as possible and we don’t expect to have issues with most core stock (such as screens and batteries) for the majority of models.

Our priorities are with the safety and wellbeing of the Chinese and Hong Kong nationals and hope that the spread of the Coronavirus comes under control soon.

Our agents and staff on the ground in Asia are all currently safe and providing updates as they come in.


Thank you