M-Triangel CP-301| Mini Desktop Fume Extractor | Variable | With Box

£108.00 £90.00

M-Triangel CP-301| Mini Desktop Fume Extractor | Variable | With Box

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M-Triangel CP-301Mini Efficient Purification Fume Instrument | Soldering Cleaner Fume Extractor Air Cleaner - includes box chamber for laser machines
£108.00 £90.00

New from MT, powerful, varible desktop extraction solution - ideal for not only laser work but also soldering and chemical use. 

Includes clear box chamber for laser machines 

Product Features:

  • Installation is simple and convenient, without the need for alternative pipes.
  • Triple filter design to ensure that the filter out the harmful substances in the smoke, to protect human safety. The pre-filter, medium-efficiency filter, and main filter can be replaced individually, extending the life of the main filter.
  • Built-in air circulation filter to avoid indoor air/heating exhaust to the outside world, the real meaning
  • To save energy, at the same time meet the national environmental requirements.
  • High-power DC brushless motor, air volume, long life.
  • Low noise design.strong absporpion,high rorating speed
  • Extension-type station design, air volume adjustable, directional duct adjustment, positioning freely.


Product Parameters:
1, Body size: 153*153*76.5(mm)
2, Power: 15W
3, Net weight: 1.2KG
4, Air volume: 1.5 cm³/min

Standard Package Content:

1× CP-301 Fume Extractor

1× Manual

1 x plastic box chamber 

Cotton Filter: 7-15 days (can be washed in water and dried several times for maximum use)

Middle HEPA filter: 3 Months

Main Carbon filter: 6 Months


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