M-Triangel MI One Laser Separating Machine For Phone Rear Glass Removal

£1,855.36 £1,546.13

M-Triangel MI One Laser Separating Machine For Phone Rear Glass Removal

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The best machine in the industry right now for quick, easy and inexpensive iPhone glass removal, not limited to just the iPhone range, the machine can be used across various devices. Buy from us, the UKs official M-Triangel Distributor for the best pre and after sales support available.
£1,855.36 £1,546.13

We are UKs official M-Triangel Distributor, this allows us to offer the best pre and after sales support available for the best machines on the market.

A rear panel can be effortlessly removed in less than half an hour of mostly automated time with only 5-10 minutes of manual labour freeing you up for other repairs.

This unit doesn't come with the built in Windows terminal, all CAD and driver software needs to be installed on a PC (not compatible with Mac OS) to operate.

The CAD software provided is pre-loaded with several templates covering all iPhones and several other devices, the software is also updatable and customisable allowing you to enter custom parameters.

Although we advise the best use for the machine is for glass panel removal it can also be used for LCD assembly separation (for iPhone screen refurbishment) and engraving and comes with several templates

PLEASE NOTE: We recommend a smoke extractor to be used along side this item, we do also stock some extraction units.


  • Easy to use, although the software has several features it's very quick and easy to get started with pre-installed templates
  • Separate midframe, bezels & back glass
  • Can be used to mark and engrave
  • Small, light weight & collapsible making it a more mobile machine


  • Voltage: 110-220V, 50-60Hz
  • Power: 120W
  • Wavelengh: 1064
  • Laser power: 20W
  • Laser wavelength: 1064
  • Marking range: 175x175
  • Equipment size (standing): 300*524*495 (MM)
  • Equipment size (folded): 525*550*136 (MM)


  • Machine: 2 years
  • Laser: 12 Months
  • Please note; if any faults are to occur we will be able to help you troubleshoot the problem and provide you with the replacement part required, you will need to repair the machine yourself. Please be comfortable that you are able to maintain this type of equipment.
  • We do stock a number of spare parts ourselves, though some may need to be requested from the manufacturer depending on the part and issues, this can take 1-2 weeks to arrive.

Please note, we can still provide support and replacement parts after the warranty period

What's included:

  • M-Triangel MI One laser machine
  • 1M Kettle power lead (UK)
  • USB cable
  • Metal rulers
  • USB adaptor
  • Chinese / English user manual


  • Equipment size (standing): 300*524*495 (MM)
  • Equipment size (folded): 525*550*136 (MM)
  • Weight: 13KG

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