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Video Voucher Offer

ReplaceBase Video Offer

Want to get a £10 voucher? The voucher will never expire and can be used on any part at any value - no catches! 

What we are doing

We are building a community of DIYers - your video will help others undertake a repair and give an idea to potential DIYers of what's involved!

We will be building a catalogue of videos available to anyone for free on our YouTube channel, website and blog.

We want you to video your repair and send us the footage. If we use the footage, we will issue you a £10 voucher that can be used for anything on our website. That's absolutely anything!


To be in with the best chance of us using your video we have some guidelines:

  • If using a mobile device to record the video ensure your filming in landscape.
  • If possible, use a tripod.
  • Film in a well lit area.
  • Show the repair on an uncluttered plain surface.
  • Record in highest resolution possible.
  • Vocal instructions are not required but if done clearly and accurately it will be a benefit.
  • Keep in mind that you are making a guide for a specific part, if for example your replacing a vibrating motor we don't need to know how to change the home button.
  • After fitting the part fully assemble the phone.
You can submit as many videos as you want, any videos we use you wil be a new £10 voucher code!

Here is an example video of what we are looking for:


How to submit your video

Create your video sticking to the above guidelines as best as possible, then email the footage to us at If your video is large we recommend using a free service such as wetransfer to email the video to us

One of our team will review the footage; if it's something we can use we will issue you with a voucher code.

We will make any final edits and upload to our YouTube channel, website and blog. We will give you full credit for the video (unless you wish to remain anonymous, please let us know in your email).

Please don't upload the video to YouTube and provide us the link, we can only accept unique videos that are not already on YouTube.

Terms & Conditions


The voucher code issued will be for £10, the voucher can be used as part or whole payment for any items for sale on our website, this includes shipping and any applicable tax. No additional purchase is necessary.

The voucher will never expire so you can save it for as long as you want!

The voucher will be unique and can only be used once.

The voucher will be linked to your name, we do not permit the sale or transfer of the code.

Video acceptance:

We will review all videos received, we may or may not use the video provided - the voucher will only be released if we use the video.

We will credit the video to the original creator (unless you wish to be anonymous).

We are unable to accept videos that already exist on YouTube.


If we choose to use your video and issue you with the voucher, we will assume ownership of the video. We will not take credit for the video or pass the footage off as being produced by us, we dont permit the video to be uploaded to another YouTube account or shared online. 

This means we will be entitled to use the video as we see fit, including editing the video for use with other parts under the same voucher agreement.

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