We don't want to just tell you that we have great quality parts and the best service in the industry to back it up, we wanted to show you by standing behind our products and offering an UNLIMITED Lifetime Warranty across the majority of our products - however many times you need to use the warranty or how long in the future.. we got you covered.


How it works


Currently around 95% of our items carry our Unlimited Lifetime Warranty. To us, Lifetime means Lifetime - unlike other "Lifetime warranties" that companies offer which only actually last for 18 months or 2 years, ours are truly unlimited and truly lifetime. Still rocking an iPhone 6 in 10 years and have a problem with a screen purchased from us? No problem, we got this.

  • Truly unlimited - no restrictions on how many times a warranty can be claimed
  • Truly lifetime - no time restrictions on claims
  • Fast turnaround - we won’t keep you waiting, we will always help troubleshoot the issue on any claim to ensure that the issue will be fixed with a replacement, once confirmed we will get your item shipped for you from our UK warehouse. In some cases, we may need the item returning here, if this is the case, we will process the exchange the same day it arrived with us at HQ
  • The best warranty for everyone - we won’t hide behind the lack of consumer laws for warranty when dealing with B2B. That means B2B, repair shops and repair centres will get the same great warranty we offer to consumers. 
  • If we no longer stock the part, we will try to source a replacement. If that isn’t possible, we will issue a credit to you for the agreed market value of the part to be used on our website. 


What's covered?

We cover everything that a typical warranty covers such as general failure of the part (for a screen it maybe lines of the screen or for a charge port it may be that the cable needs to be wriggled around to charge correctly).

We do have some limits with the warranty, for exampe water damage and user damage (smashed / dropped / knocked) are excluded.


How a warranty claim is handled 

Failure within 30 days 

We will ship your replacement at no cost, if the defective part needs to be returned to us, we will send a pre-paid return label or cover your postal costs.

Failure over 30 days, under 12 months 

We will ship your replacement at no cost, if the defective part needs to be returned to us you will need to pay return postage costs to us. 

Failure past 12 months

We will ship your replacement at no cost, however we will charge our standard shipping rates (From £1.20) to send a replacement. If the defective part needs to be returned to us you will need to pay return postage costs to us.

How to make a claim

Simply get in touch by email, phone or live chat - don’t worry if you haven’t got your order number, we will be able to find you on our system. Once we have identified you we will run though some basic troubleshooting and provide get the process started.