BST-978 LCD Rework Separation Station / Heating Plate With Vacuum For Mobile Phones And Tablets (11")

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BST-978 LCD Rework Separation Station / Heating Plate With Vacuum For Mobile Phones And Tablets (11")

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A must have for any workshop, designed for easy LCD separation but has multiple uses including softening adhesives to make devices easier to get inside!
£100.26 £83.55

BST-978 Vacuum separator.

A must have for any workshop, from debonding LCD screens to just warming up phones and tablets to soften adhesives that hold screens, batteries and rear panels in place.

What it does:

This machine aids in the separation of LCD screens that are bonded to glass panels such as the iPhone and iPad range and many Samsung, HTC and Sony screens

How it works:

  • The machine provides a heated plate that will reach temperatures of up to 100 degree celcius, when the damaged LCD assembly is placed on the plates surface, the glue that bonds the LCD and glass will start to soften and liquefy.
  • Using the built in vacuum at the push of a button the screen will be sucked and secured in place ready for separation.
  • Once the screen is secured and temperature is correct, special cutting wire is used to slide between the LCD and glass panel to separate.


  • Built in vacuum pump to secure the screen to the plate.
  • Works on UV bonded LCD assembly (such as Samsung Galaxy and Note range, iPhone 4 and up, HTC ONE range)
  • LED display with adjustable temperature control and current temperature readout
  • Holes in the base for desk mounting if required
  • Fast warm up
  • Up to 300 degree celcius (we recommend around 90 degree celcius for most screens)
  • Standard Kettle lead power input (included)
  • Compatible with any device up to 11", recommended for mobile phones and tablets
  • CE certified.
  • Large plate can be used for mobile phones (middle section) or tablets up to 11" in size (outer section)


  • Separation machine with built in pump
  • Silicone mat (required if the LCD being separated is badly damage and unable to secure with vacuum on the bare plate)
  • Power cable
Product Type: Heating Equipment, Screen Separator
Origin: Partner
Brand: BEST Tool
Compatible Brand: Various
Compatible Model: Various
Compatible Device Type: Various
Condition: New
Manufacturers Part No: RBSKU6297
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